W H A T   I S   A   D O U L A ?
A birth doula provides education and advocacy during pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum period, on-call services 24/7 in late pregnancy, and reasonably continuous physical and emotional support during labor.

A postpartum doula provides expertise on feeding, postpartum adjustment, overnight and newborn care, and logistical, household, and sibling support to help ease the transition into parenthood for new and experienced parents alike.


Emotional Support
Doulas are there to listen to your hopes, fears and worries, and hold space for you and your partner's emotional journey through the childbearing year.

New parents are overloaded in our information culture. Doulas help cut through the noise and provide holistic and non judgmental education. Hiring a doula does not substitute for high quality childbirth education and your doula can help you find a class that fits for you.

Family Support
Doulas can help siblings feel more involved in early parenting and birth, and help normalize breast-feeding and birth for a family member. Doulas provide logistical and informational support, so the partner can focus on emotional support and his or her own experience of birth and bonding postpartum.

Physical Support
Rebozo skills, acupressure, counter pressure, optimal fetal positioning,  postpartum and Cesarean birth recovery, yoga, breastfeeding support, baby-wearing —your doula may be trained in these skills and more.

Doulas never advocate not following your care provider’s guidance, but they can help facilitate your informed choices and teamwork between you, your care provider, your pediatrician, and other members of the family.

Richmond has a vibrant birth community, and your doula is trained to know what is outside scope of practice. Doulas keep a well maintained and extensive list of referrals and resources for the families they support.



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