Who is Richmond Doulas: Claire Prendergast

Doula Spotlight
Claire Prendergast
"EVERY growing family deserves support, guidance, nourishment, and rest!"


Business Name: clarity postpartum
Services: daytime postpartum doula, DONA
Years in practice: 2

Claire is such a lovely woman and I can only imagine the quiet and thoughtful attention she pays to her postpartum clients. She is very knowledgeable, competent, professional and warm. In the following interview, you'll get to learn more about this nurturing mother and doula. 

She is the seventh doula featured for Who is Richmond Doulas. If you want more info on what the series is about, click here.  


How many children do you have? 1

What drew you to doula work?
having a child, living life with a baby, getting help from my mom and my community, realizing how important it is to be supported in this life and wanting to pay that forward.

What are your future goals with doula work?
i want to help as many families as i can through the magical transition to parenthood. i want people to know about and prepare for the challenges of life with a new baby. i hope to raise the awareness and accessibility of doulas.

Do you volunteer with any organizations? Have you in the past?
i volunteer at vcu’s centering pregnancy groups speaking with pregnant women about the postpartum period

Favorite birth affirmation:
i am doing this.

What is the most difficult part of being a doula?
when things come up outside my scope of practice and feeling helpless in those situations.

What is the best part of being a doula?
meeting new people, holding babies, helping people in a meaningful, tangible and much-needed way

What’s in your doula bag?
extra shirt, scarf/burp cloth, newborn care specialist training book, velcro swaddles, soft wrap, ’happiest baby on the block’ dvd, water bottle

Number one book moms should read before giving birth:
ina may’s guide to childbirth

Number one book moms should read before breastfeeding:
ina may’s guide to breastfeeding

Best breastfeeding advice you offer:
GET COMFORTABLE! lean back so baby’s weight is supported and get lots of pillows for your back and elbows. you’re going to spend a lot of time breastfeeding, don’t sacrifice your back. and learn how to take baby off breast! if you feel pain, take baby off and try again. don’t let baby stay on with a bad latch.

Best labor advice you offer:

cooking, yoga and zumba

Favorite pastimes:
outside time with friends and family

From the small business owner aspect, what is the toughest part of doula work?
wishing doulas were accessible to everyone despite anyone’s budget, that they were covered by insurance, and that more people knew about us.

How do you avoid burn out?
staying within my personal boundaries: knowing how to balance taking care of others with taking care of myself.