Making The Most of the Day: Fun, Educational, Indoor Activities for Kids

By: Jenny Wise

Photo by Voyagerix/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Voyagerix/iStock / Getty Images

Bad weather can have a major effect on kids who would rather play outside. It can also leave
parents at a loss on how to entertain their children in a fun and educational way.  Whether from heavy summer rainstorms or winter snowstorms, a child stuck indoors can mean boredom and frustration for everyone in the household, especially if school is called off for a day or two.

Fortunately, there are several places you can look for fun activities no matter your child's age or interests.

Search the Net
Technology has certainly gifted us with the ability to make life easier. The internet offers tons of ideas when it comes to helping kids find something to do when the weather gets rough.  Look up nearby museums or indoor play areas.  Or search for drawing tutorials. There are options for every grade level.  

Find a New Instrument
Learning to play an instrument can have numerous benefits for kids:  improved math and reasoning skills, boosted social skills, and focus. Many schools offer music classes where kids can choose an instrument to play, but if your child’s school isn’t one of these, look for an online class that will teach the basics. You can buy or rent your own instruments online at a good price. Talk to your child about what his interests are and look for the right piece. Saxophone, clarinets, trumpets, and flutes are all great places to start.

Learning Sites
There are several websites that are tailored specifically to a child’s learning and organized by age and grade level. Use these sites to keep your child occupied with fun games.  Watch him learn about spelling, math, science, and more while playing games. Consider what he’s already interested in before you suggest a specific site. Look for one that will give him more information on the things he enjoys, such as dinosaurs or cars.

Create some Art
Most kids have a creative side to them, and it’s important to foster that creativity so your child
can rise to his true potential. Look for drawing tutorials and provide him with paper and various
forms of media so he can experiment. Crayons, watercolors, finger paints, and colored pencils
are the most popular tools for young children. You might also want to create a place for him to
work, such as a space in his bedroom with room to keep all his tools.

Get Them Moving
Since many kids burn off energy running around outside, it can be hard for them to sit indoors
with no way to release it. Look for ways to get them moving, such as a dance tutorial on
YouTube. Push back the living room furniture to give them room to get active. Not only will
this help your child burn off excess energy, it will also keep him healthy.

Get Experimental
Science is one of the most popular subjects for kids these days, in part because there are so many fun experiments you can perform at home with ordinary household products. Look for some online and help your child learn about chemical reactions, like this one, which will allow you to create your own lava!

Making the most of any day is important, as it teaches your child how to look for fun even when
their plans don’t work out. Look for the best sites and apps that will help your child get through a bad-weather day without complaint -- and bookmark them for next time.

 Jenny Wise is a homeschooling mom to four children. She created Special Home Educator as a forum for sharing her adventures in homeschooling and connecting with other homeschooling families.

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